Woodland Park-Green House Homes

Front entrance with its own address -- just like any other home.
Each house at Woodland Park has its own address over the front entrance  — just like any other home.

I received an e-mail from an acquaintance asking me why I am paying so much attention to Woodland Park at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community?  I am watching and writing about  the development and construction of these Green House® Homes for two main reasons.

Most importantly, this is where my parents have lived for over six years, and it’s an amazing place that recognizes aging as an important life process. Moreover, while my parents may or may not end up living at one of the Woodland Park homes, that VMRC possesses the wisdom and vision to incorporate new ideas and change the way it delivers care intrigued me enough to want to observe and write about organization’s implementation of the Green House® Homes philosophy.

To learn more please read these posts about Woodland Park Green House Homes, a new community at VMRC:

green house front 2
Each house has wide wrap-around porches.

To learn even more about Green House® Homes go to the official web site and request the DVD and/or guide-book. To locate a community that features the Green House Project model, check out  this handy map.

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