Green House Homes News from Maryland

Check out some of the specifics of the new Green House elder community in Baltimore.

A Kaiser Health News article, Maryland’s First Green House Project Nursing Home Aids Low-Income Seniors, described a new community on the site of the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

Associated Catholic Charities will run the Green House Residences at Stadium Place.

Am I mistaken or is does the headline contain an oxymoron?  Is it possible to have a Green House Project Nursing Home?  I think not, given that Dr. Bill Thomas calls himself a nursing home abolitionist. The two  concepts most definitely should not appear in the same place!

You can check out other Green House Homes locations using this handy map.

To learn more about the actual construction of Green House® Homes, please follow my series about Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community and the construction at Woodland Park.

To learn more please read these posts about Woodland Park Green House Homes, a new community at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community.

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