Epidemiology 101

epi1The following As Our Parents Age posts can help adult children understand more about epidemiology and research.

2 thoughts on “Epidemiology 101

  1. Came across your post while browsing my WordPress “Follow” area – Public Health.

    Great start here!

    Causation/Association is an area of concern for me also.
    Recently posted an item at my blog that included this topic
    10 (strongly suggested yet humorous) commandments for physicians when prescribing treatments

    LibGuides.org [http://libguides.com/community.php?m=i&ref=libguides.com] is a source I use for Web sites carefully selected by librarians.
    These library guides are on almost every imaginable topic.
    I like how one can limit the search by type of library.
    Only downside..I have not figured out how to do phrase searching.
    Have used them successfully to find good consumer product reviews, as well as patient/consumer health stuff.

    Again, thanks what you are doing at your post.


    PS I see you are reading a book by Joan Chittister, I read her columns from time to time at NCR, she is truly inspirational


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