Woodland Park (VMRC) Green House Homes Update: August 26, 2012

Construction of the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community Green House Homes at Woodland Park is moving along. On two of the buildings the outside stonework will be completed soon. The stonework was so lovely that I shot a close-up with my camera.

Lots of drywall is already hung in two of the buildings, and they feature some interesting details, such as the arched doorways and the great room fireplace (I hope to get a picture of this soon).

On the bottom right, it’s possible to see just how close the Green House Homes are to the main buildings at VMRC. I’ve chatted with some of my parents’ friends who seem to be concerned about the closeness of the three Woodland Park buildings to one another.

Now that I’ve actually walked into the houses and at least a bit around them, it’s clear to me that nearness is an important part of the design. Each Green House community member can use the porch area and short walkways connect each Green House community to the other two building communities.

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