Thoughts on Gratitude

Over the past year, I’ve read a series of articles (like this 2018 essay from Salon) about gratitude, all of them explaining how expressing feelings of gratitude can positively affect a person’s health. With so many reasons to feel cynical and pessimistic in today’s world, it is easy for negative thinking to undermine one’s outlook. Even when people feel secure, with enough to eat, strong relationships, and deep satisfaction with life — the way I feel most of the time–  unexpected gloom can arise. How we deal with this emotion is a challenge.

Researchers tell us that keeping a gratitude journal is an antidote to this uneasiness. Some speculate that focusing on gratitude activities may even decrease the effects of toxic thinking.

So this page will contain a list of my gratitude posts which I aim to write about once each week, mostly short and sweet essays. Stay tuned and come back to check for updates.