VMRC Green House Homes Update – September 22, 2012

See larger pictures below.

I get to Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC) to visit my parents about every two weeks. Each time I drop by the Woodland Park construction site to see how the Green House Homes are coming along.

The hope is for new residents to move into at least some of the homes in January.  As I’ve chatted with a few of the residents who may be the initial community members, I detect a sense of excitement, reticence, nervousness, and just a bit of awe — feelings that just about everyone has when moving is a possibility.  And the homes continue to rise.

Two of the pictures are taken from the front of the buildings, showing the deep and expansive porch areas, and the other two of the inside, one in the main entryway with the kitchen along the left-hand side and the other looking toward the sunroom (arches), taken from the kitchen area.

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One thought on “VMRC Green House Homes Update – September 22, 2012

  1. I wish there was a Green House in our area. That’s the kind of care I’d like for my mother, who is living with advanced dementia. I write a bit about the Green House Project in my new book, “Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir.”


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