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Most of you do not need to read this policy, but given the lack of decorum in today’s world, a review of expectations is in everyone’s best interest.

  • This blog loves reader comments. Perhaps because As Our Parents Age is a relatively new blog, readers sometime bypass the comments and use e-mail. Please feel free to comment. More are welcome!
  • A goal at this blog is to acknowledge each comment in some way.
  • Comments are approved by a moderator because our aging parents and some of their friends, the people who inspired this blog, are avid readers, and they do not need the aggravation of disrespectful, extremely angered, or other undignified remarks.
  • Opposite points of view are always fine, but please maintain respect. Otherwise Marti will get out her “red teacher’s pencil” and edit.
  • A link in a comment post is fine as long as it’s relevant and adds to the conversation.
  • As Our Parents Age reserves the right to edit all comments for clarity, readability, and spelling errors when appropriate.
  • If you get into an extended two-way comment/conversation with another person, consider going private and using your e-mail for communication.
  • Do you love to send spam?. We LOVE Akismet and find it really reliable. We’ve only had to challenge it once or twice.
  • If you have written a book, an article, or have your own blog site, it is fine to make a relevant comment or link to your content in a comment.  FYI:  As Our Parents Age loves book reviews and interesting research but cannot guarantee a review for every item that is recommended.

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