The Photos and Paperwork That Document a Life

When the process of downsizing officially begins, attending to a life’s worth of possessions can take a long time. Decisions must be made about furniture, clothes, books, knick-nacks, household goods, vanity items, jewelry. Dealing with possessions, however, is the easy part. The most difficult time, at least from my perspective, comes near the end of … Continue reading

When the Parent With the Better Memory Dies First

My parents were married for 71 years. Over the past several years Dad experienced declining memory and mom declined physically. She helped him remember things (or remembered them for him), and Dad — even in his 90s he was still agile and quite strong — helped her move around, fetching things as needed so she … Continue reading

Coronavirus Deaths – September 1, 2020

On the first of each month I am posting the number of deaths in my country, the United States. I hope my fellow bloggers will stongly consider taking this step so we do not forget the people lossed in this pandemic. 180,000 — people — dead from CoVid-10

Watching My Mom Pass Away

We are neck deep in the CoVid-19 epidemic with social isolation, mask wearing, activity limits, and online lives that we could never have imagined a mere six months ago. Some people are fighting over masks and social distancing. Some of those individuals don’t even believe the virus is real. It is not a relaxed time … Continue reading

Caregiving in the Time of CoVid-19, #23: Seeing Elderly Parents Again — the Process Begins

How will assisted living communities, nursing homes, and retirement communities go about reopening while CoVid-19 is still around and infecting people? A May 18, 2020 Washington Post, Charting a Slow Path for Reopening, describes the conditions that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wants assisted living communities and nursing homes to follow to … Continue reading