Redesigned Medicare Caregiver Site: Eldercare Community Resource Locator

A Quick Review of Eldercare Resource Locator

The  Eldercare locater link at the bottom of the Medicare Caregiver home page connects to a page where users can search for a broad range of eldercare resources or for connections and contact information for local community organizations. Users can search by zip code or city or for information on a specific caregiving topic. The graphics below can help users focus and navigate to the Eldercare resource page.

Look for the eldercare link (see image at left) at the bottom of the Medicare Caregiver homepage — the first page of the site.

The eldercare resource and community search tool is easy to use. A user can search for resources by putting in a zip code OR a city and state (not both). If you are looking for resources on a specific topic, skip the zip code and city boxes and choose a topic on the right hand side of the search tool. Either way, click the search button. A picture of the search tool is at right.

The Eldercare Search Tool: Four Observations

  1. Search by geographical information by typing in a zip code OR a city and state, not both. Then click the search button.
  2. If you are searching for a topic, click on the topic but do not put in your geographic information. Then click the search button. Results from the subject search are not necessarily related to where a person lives.
  3. If you want to do another search, click on reset then start a new search.
  4. It may feel to you like the search tool blinks when it searches — it’s not a problem.

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