Training for Yoga Instructors Who Work With Seniors

I’ve observed firsthand how much exercise, Yoga, and other physical activities benefit senior participants. My only concern, and I’ve noticed this when I exercise with senior parents, is that leaders are not as familiar with the aging body as they should be if it they are to ensure safely. Moreover, I’ve wondered about what special training is available for people who lead senior exercise classes.

So it was with special interest that I read about a training program at Duke Integrative Medicine, affiliated with Duke University and Duke Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. Yoga Therapy Intensive: Teaching Yoga to Seniors offers registered Yoga teachers an 8-day professional certificate in therapeutic yoga for seniors. Duke Integrative Medicine offers trained Yoga instructors the opportunity to hear physicians, exercise physiologists, and other health professionals address health conditions that commonly occur in the senior population.

According to the web site the program “… will help instructors work safely and effectively with older adults, both in a class setting and one-on-one.” All fitness professionals should have access to this type of training before working with aging adults.

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