Aging Parents: Questions to Ask About Home Health Care

Are you asking questions, trying to figure out whether home health care might work for an aging parent? Are you seeking a way to evaluate a parent’s need for support because he or she wishes to continue living at home? Is your home safe enough for aging parents to visit?

The Visiting Nurses Service of New York has posted a series of “How to Help” videos on its website and on a visiting nurses channel on YouTube. Most of the videos are three to six minutes long and deliver easy-to-understand content. Some of these videos focus on aging parent topics while others highlight issues relating to specific medical conditions such as pulmonary disease or stroke. A huge amount of pertinent information is packed into a few minutes.

How to Recognize if Your Mom or Dad Needs Home Health Care suggests six questions to ask about a parent’s life and health. The answers to these questions can help an adult child figure out whether a care plan can enable a parent to remain in his or her home.

Another video, How to Make the Bathroom Safer for Your Elderly Parent, describes a range of changes that can be made in an elderly parent’s bathroom to help avoid falls and ensure physical safety if what is often considered the most dangerous room in the house. In How to Prevent Trips and Falls in the Home, viewers tour a house to identify common hazards and learn how to correct them.

To learn even more about making safety accommodations at home, read my post, Making Our House Safer: For Aging Parents and Ourselvess.

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