Aging Parents, Adult Children, Everyone: Evaluating Web Health Info

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) web site features a medical research user’s guide, Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine, with step-by-step techniques to ensure that the information you discover is good and reliable. The narrator speaks slowly and clearly. A link at the end takes the user to a more detailed NLM site on evaluating health information that is posted on the web.

The world wide web gives us the opportunity to access information about almost anything, but a problem is knowing how good (or how bad) that information could be for us. This tutorial is terrific and useful to any person, adult, child, senior parent, or parent of a young child, because it helps a person gain the knowledge necessary to assess what they access.

One thought on “Aging Parents, Adult Children, Everyone: Evaluating Web Health Info

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