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The World Is Aging – Animated Planet Money Gifs

Yes, the world is aging. Every member of the boomer generation is getting tired of hearing about it. Yet, the media keep talking about the trend, and many people find it challenging to picture just what is happening, demographic wise. To help out, the clever people over at NPR’s Planet Money have posted a set of … Continue reading

Jane Gross – “On Being” Program Rebroadcast

On her Facebook page A Bittersweet Season author, Jane Gross, mentioned that one of her book interviews with On Being radio host, Krista Tippett, will re-air today (Thursday, July 26, 2012). Gross wrote her book after her journey in the elder parent caregiving world, and she shares a broad range of insights, ideas, and thoughts. I  listened to this … Continue reading

Seattle Times Series — “Seniors for Sale”

For the past several days I’ve been excitedly writing posts about the Green House Homes initiative and specifically about how the continuing care retirement community where my parents live is planning to build these homes. The whole point of Green Houses is to make late life elder care safe, respectful, thoughtful, and homelike. The movement … Continue reading

Health Care Costs Essays: Contribute Your Two Cents!

Over at the National Public Radio Shots blog is a short post about an essay contest, encouraging doctors, nurses, and patients (two different categories) to write a true story about the impact of high medical costs. The blog post, written by NPR health policy correspondent, Julie Rovner, describes the contest, the cool essay judges, and the … Continue reading