Seattle Times Series — “Seniors for Sale”

For the past several days I’ve been excitedly writing posts about the Green House Homes initiative and specifically about how the

Click image to go to the Seattle Times series.

continuing care retirement community where my parents live is planning to build these homes. The whole point of Green Houses is to make late life elder care safe, respectful, thoughtful, and homelike. The movement is a gift to seniors today, and as it grows it will be an even bigger gift to future generations — including people in my age group.

Dramatically juxtaposed in my mind these past few days and on the opposite end of the elder care spectrum, is the Seattle Times series, Seniors for Sale, which documents abuse of the elderly  in non-regulated, privately run adult family homes. Describing conditions in Washington state, Seattle Times investigative reporter Michael J. Berens, has now written five parts of the series. Additionally the paper has posted videos, a database, and photos to further illustrate the issues covered in the articles.

Read and listen to Michael. J Beren’s interview with NPR All Things Considered host Melissa Block

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