The World Is Aging – Animated Planet Money Gifs

population agingYes, the world is aging. Every member of the boomer generation is getting tired of hearing about it. Yet, the media keep talking about the trend, and many people find it challenging to picture just what is happening, demographic wise.

To help out, the clever people over at NPR’s Planet Money have posted a set of animated gifs that demonstrate aging trends in several countries beginning in 1950 and continuing through 2050.

The gif animations move quickly, so you will need to concentrate as they move along, and most likely you’ll need to watch each sequence several times. A fifth, non-animated graphic blends all of the information from the other four animations.

The graphics feature population statistics for:

    • Japan
    • United States
    • Nigeria
    • The world

One thought on “The World Is Aging – Animated Planet Money Gifs

  1. Reblogged this on Long-term Care Diary and commented:
    Really cool way to see how the world is aging and the distribution of young and old people in each country. I think the animation is too fast but you can still get a visual idea of how the trend is. RIght now we know that Americans are living longer because of advancements in medicine and an overall awareness on health. However, longevity doesn’t come without a price. The long-term care costs that an elderly may acquire are unthinkable and there’s always reports of boomers still not able to save enough even just to cover post-retirement healthcare needs. What are you doing to plan for your own retirement and healthcare in the future? Here are somer options that can help


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