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Thanksgiving: A Time To See Older Relatives

Yes, Thanksgiving is a time for adult children to pack up and pay a visit to parents, where ever their homes may be. Today’s Washington Post, it’s the last Sunday before Thanksgiving 2014, features an interesting article, Thanksgiving: A Rare Holiday That’s Isn’t All About Kids. The short piece, appearing in the Post’s Outlook section, points … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Stuffing: Low Sodium Diet # VII

I am aiming to prepare a low-sodium Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve just read an article, Experts Warn: Thanksgiving Poses Hidden Sodium Dangers, describing the dangers of stealth sodium in Thanksgiving foods. The Associated Press article, which appeared in points out that people can reach and exceed the appropriate daily sodium intake just in the one … Continue reading

Senior-Friendly Holiday Activities and Even Oklahoma!

This past week three generations of my family (age range 29 – 87) and one small dog spent several days together. Over the 2010 Christmas weekend my two senior parents, my husband and me, our millennial daughter and her husband had great fun with one another. We especially celebrated our good health, because last year my … Continue reading

Green House Project Conference – Live Streaming

Information about the conference is from the Changing Aging website and more information is available there.  Because of continuing interest in the Green House Homes movement, and after posting four Green House Homes pieces, on this blog, I am planning to listen in to these presentations, and you can, too.  See the information below. Begin Section … Continue reading

Aging Parents Traveling with Medications

It’s summer and many of us will be on holiday with aging parents who must travel with a fair number of medications. A Health Day article from Medline Plus shares a few tips about packing and traveling with medications. Also on the page are links to other traveler’s health resources. Share this post.

Thanksgiving and Dementia — Redux

Our family member with dementia arrived at our Thanksgiving celebration sometime around 2:00 in the afternoon.  Her afternoon caretaker  took Thanksgiving afternoon off, and we planned to be responsible for her care until bedtime.  Things went quite well, however, we now realize that if we are entertaining family and hosting festivities at our house, we … Continue reading


With three senior parents I am thinking a lot about holidays — past and future — how wonderful they can be and how to celebrate without a lot of brouhaha.  I am concentrating on making each holiday, in this case Thanksgiving, special but also as simple as possible.  This year we’ve navigated lots of health … Continue reading