Green House Project Conference – Live Streaming

Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community Planned Green House

Information about the conference is from the Changing Aging website and more information is available there.  Because of continuing interest in the Green House Homes movement, and after posting four Green House Homes pieces, on this blog, I am planning to listen in to these presentations, and you can, too.  See the information below.

Begin Section from Website

You can view the conference livestream from The Green House website here. Here’s a schedule for the sessions that will be broadcast live, including Dr. Bill Thomas and panels featuring elders and shahbazim:

September 29th@ 9:00-10:00a EDT

  • Elderhood: on Being and Doing,Dr. Bill Thomas, Founder of the Eden Alternative and The Green House Model

September 29th @ 4:15-5:15p EDT

  • Elders Rule! Panel of Elders Talk about a Life Worth Living!

September 30th @ 1:30-2:30p EDT

  • In a Different Voice,Panel of Shahbazim
As Our Parents Age has published a series of articles on the planning and building of Green House Homes, a concept developed by Dr. Bill Thomas.  The series includes: Green Houses for Older EldersReplacing a Nursing Community with Green House Homes, Nuts and Bolts of Green House Planning, and Building a Green House Home – The Inside.  To learn even more about Green House® Homes go to the web site and request the DVD and/or guide-book.

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