Windows Security Message Fraud Telephone Calls — It Finally Happened to Me!

I am so excited that I received this scam phone call so I can share exactly what happened! Lots of these calls come during the day when senior adults are at home.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.37.50 PMThe phone rings. The phone caller identifies himself as a Microsoft security officer and tells me that my computer is sending out messages to Microsoft that indicate it has a terrible virus. He offers to help. All I have to do is open the door (my computer’s door, that is) so he can fix my computer. It’s a scam, but I decided to lead him on.

When I tell the caller that my computer has up-to-date security and virus protection, he says that it is not working, and he is urgent about the possibility that I may lose data, personal information, or worse still, private financial files

I wonder whether I should I mention to him that I have a Mac computer and that the operating system is not run by Microsoft so it cannot possibly be sending out error messages.

But no, instead I decide to see how long he will go on, which he does for some time, working hard for about five minutes, trying to scare me into sharing my information. Finally I thank him for giving me a great blog topic to write about which I will do as soon as we hang up — I think he hung up after that — and then I did too.

Bottom line, no one — not your bank, your computer network, IRS, or any other company that deals with personal information — will ever telephone you and ask you to share that information over the phone. Check out this Federal Communications Commission (FCC) article on phone scams. Another FCC page describes some of the computer security fraud scams.

3 thoughts on “Windows Security Message Fraud Telephone Calls — It Finally Happened to Me!

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