When an Aging Parent is Sick: Where to Get Reliable Information

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So your parent is in the hospital or just returned from a big deal medical appointment. Or maybe it’s you, the adult child, in this situation. Physicians have diagnosed a new condition, they are prescribing medications and tests, and you are hearing — and trying to absorb — lots of unfamiliar medical information.

Where does one go to get started gathering reliable information, learn what needs to be learned, and put it all in perspective?

Visit Medline Plus

What you should not do is start with Google  — it’s too likely you’ll get all sorts of kooky questions and answer forums, where people are less focused on gathering information and more interested in sharing stories.

Instead, begin your searches at Medline Plus located at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) website. Medline Plus posts vetted medical information written by people who know what they are talking about — and there is no advertising at the NLM site. Also, it’s easy to search for conditions,  medications, treatments, and much more, and still easier to navigate all over the site. Medline Plus is also available in Spanish — just click the button on the masthead.

The National Library of Medicine also has a number of excellent health information tutorials that can help you become a better and more educated consumer of health information on the web

Other reliable medical information sites where you can search for useful and reliable information.

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