Aging Parents: Senior Caregivers and iPads

Check out the August 3, 2010 ElderGadget posting on senior caregivers and potential iPad uses. As Our Parents Age has been featuring the iPad for Dad series over the past four months so other iPad information is always interesting.

Many people are interested in Dad’s iPad, so it is easy to understand just how much might be possible if seniors, especially people who are supporting or giving care to a family member, began using an iPad as an organizational tool. Here’s a paragraph from the ElderGadget post.

For caregivers, the iPad’s possibilities are endless. It can help you chart a senior’s progress, meal plans, doctor’s appointments and anything else worth documenting. It can store your to-do lists, and many of its apps can take the thinking out of everyday tasks that divert attention away from your loved one or patient. Such tasks include remembering where you parked the car, clipping coupons, writing down directions or going to the bank.

You can follow ElderGadget on their blog or via Twitter. You may also want to read a review I wrote in April 2010 — ElderGadget Reviews for Older Consumers.

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