Medicare Doughnut (Donut) Hole: $250 Sent Automatically

According to an August 10, 2010 press announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 750,000 rebate checks for $250 have already been mailed to Medicare beneficiaries who have already entered the doughnut hole this year because of prescription costs. Adult children need to be sure that a parent reaching the doughnut understands the following: is a user-friendly site for seniors and adult children.

  • By the end of the year about 4 million people will receive the $250 check.
  • The rebate is automatically mailed to a beneficiary when the doughnut hole is reached.
  • There is no requirement to sign up or give out personal information in order to receive the rebate. Listen to this recording about protecting your personal medicare information.
  • If anyone unfamiliar solicits personal health or financial information, it should be reported to

For other important information go to to read a PDF document, Closing the Prescription Drug Coverage Gap.

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