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Epidemiology 101

The following As Our Parents Age posts can help adult children understand more about epidemiology and research. Causation Versus Association: The Basics Epidemiology: What is It and Why Should Adult Children Know About It? Epidemiology, Disease Detectives, and Media Literacy Research Says… What is a Meta Analysis and How Does it Help Me Find Better … Continue reading

Physical Capability and Aging

Research published on September 10, 2010 by British Medical Journal (BMJ), Objectively Measured Physical Capability Levels and Mortality: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, re-examined a range of published studies that looked at the physical capabilities of older adults. Conducting a meta-analysis, which is a statistical method for examining multiple studies and pooling the results, researchers reviewed results … Continue reading

Calcium Supplements? To Take or Not to Take?

Calcium supplements are a part of a daily regimen for many aging parents and for adult children. Most of these adults take calcium supplements to build stronger bones and avoid osteoporosis. However, new peer-reviewed research suggests that the benefits of taking calcium may be outweighed by increased risk of cardiovascular events. The July 29th edition … Continue reading