Caregiving in the Time of CoVid-19, #9: Missing My Parents

I miss my parents so much. It’s been almost two weeks — two long weeks since their assisted living community was closed to visitors. I’ve met half-a-dozen other adult children whose parents are in similar situations.

Parents and Thanksgiving

Happier times at Thanksgiving.

I know they are well taken care of, and I know that the staff is doing everything possible to make this social distancing period of time more bearable and free of CoVid-19. Other protective steps adopted include taking the residents’ temperatures every day and separating the dining room tables so they are more than six feet apart.

I try to send a card or note every day. with photos of my parents’ great-grandchildren. I also call every day. It’s the only caregiving I can do right now.

I appreciate that the community is sending out an update every week, and in this week’s missive iPads were mentioned. They use the iPads for FaceTime video phone calls which the staff will help my parents make. So tomorrow I will check to see how to schedule a FaceTime call with my parents.

This morning I attended a virtual worship service at my church, and I’ve learned that the church service at my parents’ assisted living is also virtual. So next week I’ll ask someone to go into their apartment on Sunday morning and turn it on for them.



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