Caregiving in the Time of CoVid-19, #8: Running Errands

Social distancing is hard enough, but so are the steps required to go out and do something and come home again. Each day I spend most of the time at home, with the exception of my daily walk and occasional errands to the grocery store. I have a pretty detailed routine that I go through if I go anywhere where there are other people or store counters, but I only disinfect shoes if I go out walking.  

UnknownFirst, and most importantly, I go out on very few errands.

If these steps seem overdone, they probably are. Also, I realize that I may eventually get CoVid-19, but I’d like to put it off as long as possible closer to when at least a few more treatments are available.

My other goal?  To stay as healthy as possible for my parents, who are now confined in their assisted living community with no visitors, whenever I get to see them again — which I am beginning to think is months away. This is causing me, an adult child, no end of anxiety.

How I Prepare to Go Out

— I put on clothes that I can wash as soon as I return. I wear my gardening shoes to any store or on any errands, so I take them off outside the house and store them with the gardening materials (after spraying with Lysol).

— I wear clothes that I can throw in the washing machine as soon as I get home.

— I stuff a pair of white cotton gloves (10 pairs for $10), my hand sanitizer and a credit card into an inside pocket.

What I Do in the Car Before I Go Into a Store

— I put on the cotton gloves and wear them into the store.

— I tuck a Lysol wipe into my (very small) purse in case the shopping carts, etc., are not near the wipes (something I’ve noticed lately).

What I Do When I Get Back to the Car

— Before I touch the car I peel of the gloves so so they are inside out, put them on the car roof, and sanitize my hands.

— I open the car, get a kleenex, pick up the gloves,  put them in an open grocery bag on the car floor. I go over the door handles with the Lysol wipe.

— I get in the car, sanitize hands again, and drive home… or repeat these steps with a second pair of gloves if there is a second step.

What I Do When I Get Home

— Place the bag with the white gloves on the sidewalk outside the door.

— Carry any items to the side entrance and leave just inside the door.

— Take off shoes and leave outside with gloves.

— Carry items (groceries, mostly) in the house and place on the floor.

— Pick up gloves and go down to our basement to put the clothes I am wearing and gloves in the washing machine. Start the washer and sanitize hands.

— Go back to the kitchen to put anything frozen or that needs cold in the fridge, leave the rest, and then go up to take a shower.

— Return to kitchen and unpack groceries. Wipe down any plastic containers, canned goods, or boxes with a white vinegar spray.

— Wash hands and put things away.

— Take Lysol spray to shoes and lightly spray.

If I get CoVid-19 it won’t because I did not try to keep it at a distance!



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