Caregiving in the Time of CoVid-19, #3: Staying Connected With My Parents

My parents live about 100 miles away from my home, and their assisted living community is locked down and not permitting visitors. The goal is to keep the CoVid-19 away from the residents as much as possible. I feel nothing by gratitude for the kindness and dedication of the staff. Preventive care at its best.


My parents about a year ago with me, my husband, and my cousin.

It also means that my husband and I cannot visit my parents, age 92 and 96 who are in the highest risk group. While I know that, during an epidemic, it’s important for my parents to be in contact with as few people as possible, it is frustrating for this adult child because I cannot think of enough ways to stay connected.

So how do I keep communicating and connecting with them? In a sense, doing things that keep us connected is a type of caregiving. I only wish I had many more ideas, but here are a few of the steps I am taking:

      • I am calling my parents every day and sometimes twice. Trying to use Facetime or Skype is too complicated for them, so we’ll make do with phone calls.
      • Tomorrow I will start mailing a greeting card with a note for them to read, and I’ll aim to do this every other day or so.
      • Perhaps I can a small recipe of cookies and mail to them, perhaps once a week or every ten days.

Other ideas are welcome! Communications of all sorts of alternative ways will be so critical during this period of social distancing!

3 thoughts on “Caregiving in the Time of CoVid-19, #3: Staying Connected With My Parents

  1. Thank you for these great ideas Marti! I am looking for magazines with lots of photos and lighthearted articles to mail my Mom. So far I’ve found several old issues of Vermont Life at home that I’ll mail her. She may have seen them before, but they will feel fresh and new to her. ❤️ I’m going to look for gardening and travel magazines, and maybe some regional magazines such as Yankee magazine. I’ll add a quick handwritten note and I think my Mom look forward to getting these special packages!


    • The adult coloring books I have at home are too intricate for my Mom, but there are lots of free images of mandalas for kids online that Mom might enjoy. I’m going to mail a few to her with some new colored pencils that I have on hand. I’ll enjoy coloring copies of them too!


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