Caregiving in the Time of CoVid-19, #2: We Are All Caregivers

In this time of the novel Coronavirus, caregiving takes on a new context. Now it’s not just our aging parents or our children. Instead, we are all becoming caregivers to one another. In the CoVid-19 crisis, we are discovering that what we do as individuals has an effect on everyone and everything else — though we may not always notice it. It’s also known as neighborliness, and it is doubly important as we begin and continue this unfamiliar social distancing journey.

HarrisTeeter 3-12-20

My grocery store this morning had eight to ten people with full carts as far as I could see.

Michele Norris has written an extraordinary Washington Post opinion piece, The Coronavirus is Testing Us All. Norris writes, not about the disease itself, but the challenges we all face as we move through a series of epidemiological events that most of us have never experienced or even imagined. How, she wonders, will we as individual citizens and a national citizenry respond?


How will we handle the ongoing uncertainty? The disruption? Will we share scarce resources? What will we do to support people who work but have no child care?

We are all, she concludes, being tested for how we respond — as community members and as United States and world citizens.

One Insightful Quote (out of many)

Our racial, social, religious or geographic differences mean little to this pathogen. We are all human and all vulnerable, and everyone around the world is facing these tests at the same time.

Read The Coronavirus is Testing Us All.

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