Alzheimer’s Drug Studies Failing, but There’s Still Optimism

If you are the adult child of an elder, you often worry about that family member’s memory, and you are always on the lookout for potential problems. If you are like me, you comb the the scientific literature and health articles looking for information dreaming of a solution to a weakening memory.

Some days the research reports are positive, but today in the Washington Post, they were less so. The February 6, 2017 Washington Post article offers quite a bit of information about what’s happening in the area of Alzheimer’s research and it explains why scientists, while often disappointed, are still seeking explanations and cures.       

In the Washington Post article, After Many Disappointments, the Search for Alzheimer’s Drugs is More Urgent Than Ever, Melissa Bailey writes that researchers are making little progress in finding a cure or even a definitive cause of the disease. Yet, after years, decades in fact, of scientists continue to pursue theories that can help them find out more about the disease that steals a person’s memory.

The article offers a wide-ranging overview of what is happening in Alzheimer’s research and why there is still much optimism, including the types of brain markers that researchers are pursuing, and the other types of investigations that scientists are pursuing.


One thought on “Alzheimer’s Drug Studies Failing, but There’s Still Optimism

  1. Hi Marti!
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