Gazing at Aging Through the Reunion Prism

It’s the reunion time 2016, so I am reblogging this post about how reunions help us organize time in our lives. Enjoy!

As Our Parents Age So Do We

When I attended my first school reunion with a family member, just a few years after graduating from college, the people attending their 35th, 45th and 50th reunions seemed really old. At a Saturday luncheon table near the back of an old-fashioned field house, we watched and clapped, somewhat wondrously, as the different classes stood to be recognized, beginning with a man attending his 70th reunion who moved around slowly with a walker.

The old observatory at the school — now a National Landmark. The old observatory at the school — now a National Landmark.

Gradually the master of ceremonies worked his way from the front to the back of the room – 65th, 60th, 55th, 50th, 45th. It wasn’t until we reached the class attending its 30th reunion that the alumni started to look, well … not old. It took half-an-hour to reach our tables filled with raucous young men who along with wives and partners, had barely finished with graduate school.

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One thought on “Gazing at Aging Through the Reunion Prism

  1. This is such a nice post as it really makes you think of how you evolve from the kids just out of grad school to the older folk who may need a walker decades later. It shows that age is something that will happen to us all (hopefully). This reality should make us treat our elderly with kindness and give them all they need to live safe and secure lives. Thankfull there are so many innovations in safety and healthcare that make the lives of seniors easier and in the next few decades there will be even more.


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