Bloom Device: A New Way to Easily Stay Connected With Elders?

VMRC race I am looking forward to learning more about a new electronic touch device that’s designed to expand communication options in a family that includes elders, Created by Bloom, the device, when it comes out this fall, may make a big difference for my parents who have a new great-grandchild and want to see all that they can possibly see.

FaceTime is complicated, as is Skype, even thought my parents, my dad especially, knows how to use his iPad and my mom has an iPhone. (Check out my iPad for Dad series on this blog.) They also have an electronic frame with photos from their lives that they turn on whenever they feel like it.

Visit the Bloomviewer website.

Visit the Bloomviewer website.

Bottom line is that my parents need to be easily in touch with me — just knowing more about what I’m doing — and they really want to see as much of the new great-grandchild, perhaps including some video, as possible. As my parents age, and despite full and active lives, they sometimes comment that feel lonely when we aren’t around, even with iPhones and an iPad in the mix and regular phone conversations. Clearly we need additional staying-connected options.

So I’d like to learn more about the Bloomview, created by Bloom.

The new Bloomview device looks a bit like an electronic frame but one on mega-steroids with all sorts of communication features. It allows video calls, viewing of saved content (videos and photos) uploaded by family members, and even a safety feature that calls emergency personnel. if a person wants concierge services they are available for $49 per year.

The device will work on wifi, and if a person uses the Bloomband bracelet (please, please make it look like a wearable device that lots of us might wear), it connects via Bluetooth with the Bloom app  that I can keep on my phone (and maybe they can keep on their iPad).

This sounds really, really good. The Bloom company’s website (read the FAQ) emphasizes their commitment to privacy and not sharing personal data. Moreover, a big plus is that the product is not aimed at elders or “old people” — it looks and maybe even feels like a device for families and their older adult family members. Finally, no extra fees are required unless a family wants to activate the concierge service.

I have not been enthusiastic about many products designed expressly for older adults because the look like they are for older adults. Our parents and grandparents want products that are sleek and useable by many ages but with aging features.I have a sense that the Bloomview may be moving in the right direction.

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