A Great Infographic on Scams: Print, Put Together & Post

scams title

Click to view the entire infographic from NeoMam Studios.

Keeping ahead of scams — a perplexing and frustrating problem.

Almost every day at my house the phone rings with a suspicious caller. It’s the same at my parents home. It used to be that people needed to worry about door-to-door and telephone scams, but now there are many more. We need to caution our aging parents (and remind ourselves) about scams that involve  junk email, stolen identity, online shopping, false investment invitations and even online dating!

How do we stay alert to all of the possibilities, and more importantly, how do we assure ourselves that our aging parents remember all of the possibilities? The good news is, I’ve been introduced to a great graphic that can help to educate our aging parents and us as well.

The folks at NeoMam Studios in the United Kingdom have created a terrific infographic that depicts the various types of scams that prey on older individuals. The great thing about this infographic is that it’s colorful and not scary — an excellent portrayal of the problems.   

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.28.03 PMSince infographics are difficult to print, I asked my contact at the company if it was possible to break the image down into distinct printable sections, so it’s possible to download the files, print them, and paste them together to recreate the whole scam infographic.

The completed image will be long. Post it in a place where there is plenty of wall space, preferably near a phone that is used a lot. When I make my infographic, I may head over to a local copy store and arrange to get it laminated.

NeoMam Studios is a visual content marketing agency with offices in Manchester, UK. We design static and interactive infographics for over 50 clients from all over the world; including Macy’s, Visa, the United Nations, Thomas Cook, and Lucasfilms.

Click on each image to get a larger copy and print. The last box includes simple instructions. You or someone you know needs to know a bit about saving images on a computer.

scams title Scam 2 Easy-targets scams #1
scams #7 The-scams-online-shopping scams #4 investment schemes
scam #5 The-scams-dating-dupe scam #6 The-scams-junk-mail scams #7The-scams-lottery-winning
scams #8The-scams-stolen-identity Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.17.32 PM

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