Why Can’t We Do Something About Phone Scams???

Visit the Federal Trade Commission to learn more about telephone scams and discover  how to protect yourself.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission to learn more about telephone scams and discover how to protect your aging parents and yourself.

I detest scam telephone calls, and I am specially upset about how these scammers take advantage of elders.

I am off work during much of the time this week, and today alone I’ve received three scam telephone calls — two from the people who claimed that my Microsoft Windows has a glitch and one from Rachel at cardholders services. It’s only 10:00 AM in the morning.

Why can’t we put a stop these calls? I know how to identify them and basically hang up — but they are truly irritating, not to mention a huge waste of time. Moreover, while I have the knowledge to ignore the phone calls when I feel like it (or sometimes give the swindlers a hard time), plenty of other people, including many elders are victims of fraud.                          

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.30.23 PMI am surprised that telephone companies allow these calls to proliferate. Most of my friends dislike their landlines, largely because of these phone calls. I share their views. Are these phone lines so unprofitable that the telephone companies simply don’t care whether people associate negative experiences with them? At my house we almost never answer our landline — we figure that anything important will result in a message. From time-to-time, we even consider getting rid of it altogether.

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3 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Do Something About Phone Scams???

  1. I completely agree!! Unfortunately even though there is a national do not call registry that you can sign up for, it doesn’t completely get rid of scammers and those trying to sell things to you. Eventually we just completely moved to cell phones and got rid of the landline. It’s been much quieter since then!


  2. I was truly saddened to see the uptick of scammers during the holidays. This is a particularly stressful time for the elder generation. So many times they fall victim because they want to do the right thing. The seemingly credible threat that their computer will implode if they don’t buy this special protection really plays on them. It’s horridic to see people capable of preying on vulnerable people. In my mom and dad’s neighborhood I have made sure that the older neighbors understand more about what scams sound like and have told them to not sign up for anything without first asking for my help in checking the situation out.


    • Thanks for your comment and for sharing your story. I agree that we need a lot more instruction for elders to help them become more savvy when it comes to scammer phone calls. Some of the callers than try to sell something. Instead they scare the person into giving enough information so the caller can get inside the person’s computer and then steal personal and identity information. It is outrageous that these scammers take advantage of older citizens. Thanks again.


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