Nursing Home? Be Prepared to Learn

Medicare publishes this document to assist people in checking the details and quality of care at any long term care community.

Medicare publishes this document to assist people in checking the details and quality of care at any long-term care community.

No one ever wants to think about the possibility of a nursing home. Yet long-term care may figure prominently in many of our lives.

The New York Times recently published two articles by Jane Brody about how to choose a nursing home community carefully. In part one, Nursing Home Unthinkable? Be Prepared in Case It’s Inevitable, she interviews people who point out how the biggest problem for most families is the timing — the necessity of choosing a nursing community with little time for discovery or preparation.

The piece presents a veritable checklist to help a family go about making a choice when true nursing care is required.

Best Quote in Part I

Nursing homes generally have had a bad reputation as smelly, indifferent places where people go to die. But “there are some homes that are better than being at home,” Ms. Leefer said in an interview. “And there are many more good facilities than bad ones.”

The second of the two New York Times article, Picking a Nursing Home Shouldn’t Be Trial and Error, focuses primarily on the importance of making careful choices when a family member has a brain disease which requires more sustained and protected care. In this article Brody makes two especially good points:

— More expensive or a pretty environment is not necessarily better.

— Observe and ask questions about how much a care community relies on sedatives or antipsychotic medications.

For years and years Jane Brody has been a “go-to” resource for personal health and nutrition information and especially for helping people understand many of the factors that contribute to a healthy life. These two articles are well worth reading now and bookmarking for the future.

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