Google Goes Against Aging and Disease

Google wants to commit considerable resources and use them to fight against disease and aging.  Check out other blog posts on Google at the end of this post.

Larry PageThe mammoth digital company has already revolutionized our lives in countless ways, giving us access to the world of information, news, and communication. Ceding more and more of our personal information to companies like Google that use it for various commercial purposes has also changed our lives, giving us less privacy and less control of what others can know, or at least intuit, about our lives. While Google is a search company for most of us, its real focus can be summed up in four words — advertising and information collecting.

But aging?

In a Bloomberg News article chief executive officer Larry Page explained how Google is setting up a new company, Calico (California Life Company) to address disease and aging issues. The goal is to identify strategies that can improve and save lives. Page himself experiences several medical conditions that restrict his life in various ways.

Not much information about Calico is available just now — I cannot even find a website — but a CNN article points out that Google has often ventured into areas other than information searching — driverless cars, for instance. CNN reporter Arion McNicoll also notes that little if anything has been described in detail about the mission and directions of the new company. Interestingly, in 2013 the company discontinued Google Health. You can also check out a Time Magazine article with what I think is a somewhat extreme headline, “Can Google Solve Death?”.

For years companies have promoted commercial products, mostly cosmetics, that promise to slow down aging. With possibly some itsy-bitsy exceptions, they don’t do what they say they will do. Page, in his comments is careful to describe Calico efforts as improving quality of live rather than lengthening it. Read his Google+ comments.

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