Scams Aimed at Boomers, Too

Although we worry most about scams aimed at aging parents, adult children need to be sure that they, too, have the wherewithal to avoid victimization.

Check out the blog feature Top Scams Targeting Baby Boomers During the Government Shutdown over at EmaxHealth, an independent health news organization. scamThe post, by Kathleen Blanchard, details some of the creative ways that dishonest people are taking advantage of the anxiety that people face in uncertain times — in this case the government shutdown — and also in transitional times such as during the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act this fall or during open season for Medicare Advantage every year.

Best advice? If you get a phone call that offers you anything that you did not initiate, hang up. And no reputable vendor ever sends out information via e-mail without giving you opportunities to reconnect in some way before exchanging any personal information. Even when tempted by a good deal or reassuring service via phone or e-mail, an individual should be firm and not take the bait. Oh, and always check something out with the Better Business Bureau.

Remember that scams are ongoing. Even though they tend to increase during periods of uncertainty or transition like the government shutdown, the purveyors of dishonesty never take a vacation.

2 thoughts on “Scams Aimed at Boomers, Too

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