Wireless: A Primer for the Rest of Us (Including Aging Parents)

When we install wireless access in our homes or in the home of aging parents, it’s common for most of us to use it intensively while understanding few of the details about the  equipment and how various components work. We usually know when it’s not working, but that’s about it.

wireless components MakeUseOf

Check out the article at the makeuseof site.

Bottom line?  We should all learn a bit more about our home wireless systems, which by he way, probably work in our yards as well as inside the house.

The MakeUseOf website has just published an excellent wireless primer to help digital novices understand just how these powerful networking systems work in our homes and in the homes of our aging parents. Make some time to read it over  — it’s lifelong learning at it’s best.

If knowledge is power, the knowledge of the networking tools that connect your digital devices to the rest of the world is powerful indeed.

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