Musician Amy Grant on Caregiving for Her Dad

Amy Grant

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If you help to support an aging parent and also like listening to folk music with strong spiritual themes (also called Christian pop), take a few minutes to listen to singer Amy Grant talk about caregiving for her aging father, a retired physician, and how these experiences influence her music.

During the program, broadcast via AARP radio, Grant also speaks about her mother, who had dementia. Grant’s newest album, How Mercy Looks from Here, came out this past spring (2013), and the music is shaped, in part, by the time she has spent supporting her parents.

In a short NPR story Amy Grant talks a bit more about the inspiration for her newest album. Read her Wikipedia bio. Grant offers a few of her caregiving tips on this YouTube video, and a Huffington Post story, Caregiving Can Be Such a Lonely Process, links readers to  Grant’s 2012 conversation on Katie Couric’s program.

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