Fact Sheets Can Help Families With Caregiving Responsibilities

tip sheetsWhen a family member requires caregiving support, sometimes you just want a list where you can check off  tasks or a summary document that outlines the full range of your responsibilities.

The Family Caregiver Alliance – National Center on Caregiving, a San Francisco organization that assists family members who need information on long-term care issues, offers materials that can help adult children and spouses understand as much as possible about the complex and confusing world of caregiving.

According to the organization’s press release and website, the fact and tip sheets aim to help families navigate through the personal, legal and financial decisions that adult children and spouses must make when they care for elders with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or brain trauma. I’ve downloaded several of these resources documents and they are excellent and comprehensive.

A library of more than 65 documents provides information on a wide range of topics relating to family caregiving. Links to just a few are below.      

Sixty-five fact and tip sheets are posted on the FCA website.  The documents are also available in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish.

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