Will Adult Children Be Liable for Parents’ Nursing Home Bills?

From a posting on Facebook by A Bittersweet Season author, Jane Gross. A bit scary, I think.

Son Liable for Mom’s $93,000 Nursing Home Bill Under ‘Filial Responsibility’ Law

Some 29 states currently have laws making adult children responsible for their parents if their parents can’t afford to take care of themselves.  These “filial responsibility” laws have rarely been enforced, but six years ago when federal rules made it more difficult to qualify for Medicaid long-term care coverage, some elder law attorneys predicted that nursing homes would start using the laws as a way to get care paid for.

Read the whole article.

One thought on “Will Adult Children Be Liable for Parents’ Nursing Home Bills?

  1. Probably not the same logic.
    This reminds me of my hometown university.
    Years back, if one wanted a transcript…and a family member owed the university money…
    The person requesting the transcript could not get the transcript until the family member in arrears paid up!
    This regulation no longer exists.

    In my humble opinion, this seems unfair. Not all people have children/surviving children.
    So it seems discriminatory.
    Granted, health care can be expensive. But this is not the way to address the cost of health care.


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