Learning All We Can About Assisted Living

Check out 10 Things Assisted Living Homes Won’t Tell You, an August 15, 2012 article over at Smart Money.

These tips for adult children and their families look like common sense suggestions. Often however, when family members seek an assisted living community for an elder parent, they need to make decisions quickly without much time to read all of the fine print and ask the less obvious questions. Sometimes time constraints can put common sense at the bottom of the list.

Check out item number eight in the Smart Money list, “We pay people to put you here.” A family needs to know a lot about the placement service itself before considering its recommendations for an assisted living community.

Our family was most fortunate to discover Chesterbrook Residences in Northern, Virginia, where my husband’s mother lived for nearly two years. Their policies were transparent and clear.

3 thoughts on “Learning All We Can About Assisted Living

  1. Such a relevant topic. Making decisions at the last minute and with time constraints is never a good idea although many families find themselves in that situation. We have to remember that those marketing to us get paid for every referral that turns into a resident. Thanks for sharing such a great subject and I’m glad your mother-in-law was happy at Chesterbrook Residences.


  2. WOW that is the first thing that went through my head. That list is a serious list of left out information. It also prompts me to start being much more thorough in my search for a fitting home for my mother. As well as asking more questions and questioning the policies I read and see. Thank you for the post and link and keep up the great job on informing those that need it.


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