Skin Protection – A New App

Images from the App (UM Site)

Yet another friend has skin cancer. She always used sun blocking lotions, but also enjoyed staying out in the sun for long periods. (I have her permission to write this much.)

Check out the post about a new mobile skin-check app at the Health and Medical News and Resources blog. The app, developed by the University of Michigan (UM) Medical School and UM Health System, helps people monitor skin spots that may be cancerous. The post explains how the new app works — basically it walks users through a full-body skin check, especially the using device’s camera, to help a person monitor and screen skin spots. Also, check out the  other skin cancer links at the post.

Watch This Introductory Video from the University of Michigan                

My friend tells me that she now understands that sun blocks, no matter how effective or powerful, are only one piece of a skin protection puzzle. Staying out of direct sunlight during the the most intense times of the day is another large puzzle piece.

Blogger and librarian Janis Flahiff keeps abreast of all sorts of health and wellness news on her blog and she also has a medical news website — both worth following. She has an eye for medical news that we should know.

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