Technology: It Even Transforms Elders

Visit Aging Online for a post about seniors and smartphones.

The other day, at a pre-Mother’s Day weekend event, I sat in a room with hundreds of seniors — mothers, grandmothers, dads, grandfathers — and guess what?  A good many of them had smartphones.

I was amused to observe, that a fair number of people in that large room were texting or at least checking their smartphones for various reasons during the event — something I’ve not seen in a large senior gathering until now — although many of their children and grandchildren do it routinely.

I observed that many of the seniors worked hard to check their phones discretely, much more so than their children and grandchildren.

For me this is one of those sentinel moments that highlights the transforming 21st Century digital world. Our world is changing, it’s increasingly connected, and everyone, even some of our older moms and dads, is learning how to use a digital gadget.

I expect that many of these seniors use their phones to keep in touch with family and friends and a fair number of them were taking pictures. I’ll also posit that some of them have health apps that they consult on a regular basis.

Check out the Aging Online blog for some interesting statistics on seniors and smartphone use.

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