Finding and Wearing Protective Sunglasses After Detached Retina Surgery

This is the pair of sunglasses that I was given at the hospital after my retinal surgery. They fit right over my regular glasses.

Whether we are talking about the eyes of our senior parents or our own aging adult child eyes, protection from the sun is critical for eye health. Urgent, in fact.

The solar shield sunglasses given to me after my eye surgery are comfortable and filter out a lot of the damaging glare and light. They fit right over my glasses when I am not wearing my contact lenses.

When I wear my contacts I use various pairs of sunglasses, but I’ve never been very careful about the UVA and UVB protection — some have it and others do not. Since my retinal surgery I’ve become more selective. Anything I can do to protect my eyes in the coming years, I plan to do.

I’ve discovered that UVA and UVB protection sunglasses come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. I’ve looked at them at Target,  CVS, and Rite Aid. I’ve seen them at my local BJ’s and also at Nordstrom, but at department stores — where the focus is on fashion — one must read the labels carefully.  Online sunglasses are easy to find, but read the fine print.  Foster Grant makes lots of frames with good protection.

Read these resources to learn a bit more about eye and sun safety and choosing protective sunglasses.      

Read my other posts about the detached retina experience.

This post is not a substitute for talking with your physician.

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