Chronic Conditions of People Living in Residential Care

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What are the most common chronic medical conditions of people who live in residential care facilities, including assisted living communities?

This graph depicts the 10 most common chronic conditions of residential care residents. The data come from a National Center for Health Statistics survey of United States residential facilities, not including nursing homes. Check out the other survey graphs in the April 2012 data brief Residents Living in Residential Care Facilities: United States, 2010.

Residents in this survey did not require the skilled level of care provided by nursing homes.

A background report (abstract, page 9) explains how the survey was carried out and defines residential care facilities as “consisting of assisted living residences; board and care homes; congregate care; enriched housing programs; homes for the aged; personal care homes; and shared housing establishments that are licensed, registered, listed, certified, or otherwise regulated by a state.”

2 thoughts on “Chronic Conditions of People Living in Residential Care

  1. Wow, high blood pressure is absolutely off the charts! Does anyone understand why this may be? Is it because of poor diet, smoking, drinking, etc? That seems like something that would take a lifetime of abuse to build up, not just a degenerative condition during old age.


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