Teens Teach Seniors Tech

Easter Sunday in front of the house.

Many of us know that our parents are eager to learn a lot about technology. My parents enjoy attending computer classes at Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Virginia — and they learn a lot at these classes.

Read Teens Teach Seniors How to Use Computers in the Palm Beach Post News. The student teachers at this course found that at first the seniors, most of whom had little digital experience, and were challenged. However, the teenagers also thought the seniors were motivated and dedicated to the tech classes. Participants attended classes for 8 weeks, two sessions per week. Forty-eight seniors participated in the classes and there is a waiting list.

This is a good article to share with parents who may be interested finding technology classes to attend.

The biggest challenge for seniors and their technology teachers is finding the right balance between note taking and physically “doing.”  The seniors need to notes to consult later, but their bodies need the repeated motion of actually completing the tasks in order to master the skills

In any class with senior participants handouts — really good ones — are a must.

One thought on “Teens Teach Seniors Tech

  1. Great options for Seniors.. Do you have contact information on any classes at Rockingham Memorial Hospital or anywhere in the area that has classes for Seniors wanting to learn computer basics??? Any info would be helpful!


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