Sample Exercise Routine – National Institute on Aging

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Exercising on a regular basis is a challenge for everyone. Older seniors, so busy with lots of daily activities, may need encouragement and support aimed at motivating them to make exercise one of those daily activities.

In October 2011 the National Institute on Aging (NIA), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published an easy-to-understand PDF document that clearly illustrates a basic, but complete exercise workout. Workout to Go includes explanations, suggestions, and colorful photographs demonstrating each exercise. You may download and share the NIA PDF or click on photo link to the right of this post, go the National Institute on Aging, and look over the comprehensive document.

A sample workout is part of Go4Life, a NIA program that aims to help older Americans figure out how to fit exercise and physical activities into their daily lives. Lots of other Go4Life resources from are available at the NIA website. You can also read more about senior exercise and how it affects health at the MedlinePlus Exercise for Seniors page.

3 thoughts on “Sample Exercise Routine – National Institute on Aging

  1. Thanks for the very interesting post. Older need exercise just as much as younger people, if not more. I work with a bunch of 80 year old clients and I think it is incredible. Still motivated and wanting to get/stay healthy. I think a plan like the one you mentioned is awesome and very useful for people who don’t want to use a trainer. Thanks again! I have a masters in exercise and sport science with a concentration in sport psychology and blog about exercise advice and motivational tips if you are interested in following. I am more than happy to help any way possible.


  2. This is so true – exercise really does keep people young. It’s always inspiring to see the older folks working out at my community center. Some of them have stayed in amazing shape well into their 70s, and they show no signs of slowing down. Our society is so focused on using drugs and medical treatment to solve every health problem, I think people have forgotten how rejuvinating proper diet and exercise can be.


  3. I’m 80 and my friend is 78. We do aerobics (sweating to the Oldies) with Richard Simmons 3 times a week
    One video is 30 minutes and the other two are 45 minutes each. Keeps us moving non stop for 45 minutes.


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