Dementia Reality Tour

Click to visit the slide show.

An article in the San Jose Mercury News describes a multi-sensory experience that simulates the perceptions and struggles of a person suffering from dementia. In Santa Clara ‘Dementia Reality Tour’ Shows What It’s Like to Live with the Affliction, Mercury News reporter Helen Shen describes how the simulation asks caregivers to complete routine activities of daily living (ADLs) while wearing gloves, goggles, socks, and certain accouterments that approximate the perceptions of a person with the brain disease.

Rick Carson of Immersion Reality Education designed the activities for family members to give them a sense of what it’s really like. The article includes reactions from many family members who find that the activities are helping them gain more understanding of their family member with dementia.

Read the story and take a few minutes to look at the slide show of participants completing the various tasks.

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