More Cuts to Aging And Caregiving Services

In Slow Starvation of Senior Services columnist Howard Gleckman writes that Congress, shortly before going on Christmas recess, cut funding for a number of  services for seniors and elderly Americans. He describes how some program budgets for seniors and the elderly were cut outright, but that other programs are starved into reducing services when funds are not raised year after year.

For example, the Administration on Aging budget is one agency that provides senior services throughout the country, and its budget was cut by about 23 million dollars.

Gleckman points out that nothing much will be resolved until after the 2012 election.

Read the entire blog post at Gleckman’s Caring for Our Parents blog, where he also includes a link to a table summarizing the appropriations.

I meant to share this Forbes blog post about decreasing senior services just before the holidays in December.

One thought on “More Cuts to Aging And Caregiving Services

  1. Sad to hear such as this. As we all know, our elders’ days are numbered even if we don’t want that to happen. So the mere fact that their services, benefits and opportunities to avail these are cut down would be a bad thing to hear about. For them to have the respect and enjoy life to the fullest, we must give what is really due to them.


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