New Health Care Directive Registry in Virginia

Visit the VA Registry site.

In case you missed this news on December 7, 2011, you may want to learn more about the new Virginia health care directive registry. It’s a free service. This article, Virginia Announces Free Online Health Care Registry, appeared on Richmond’s NBC News 12 site and explains more.

The Virginia Department of Health, working in a public-private partnership with Microsoft and UNIVAL (a health information technology company), now provide the registry as a communication tool to help people save and archive their end-of-life wishes and ensure that these wishes are honored by family members and/or caregivers. Personal preferences are saved in an easy-to-access web location so that loved ones can honor a person’s last wishes when necessary. Registered users will receive an identification care  and pin number which can be given to family members.

Individuals can put the following information into the registry.

  • The name of a personal representative or agent
  • Living will document
  • Online medical information for family members and physicians
  • Organ donor information

Virginia is one of 12 states which this type of registry.

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