Scams and Seniors: Redux

I cannot get Rachel from Credit Card Services to stop calling me. She has such a lovely voice, and she always tells me that there is no problem with my credit card. But then she continues on, encouraging me to talk to one of her colleagues about lowering credit card interest rates. Moreover, it will be my last opportunity. Don’t I wish it was going to be my last opportunity to talk with Rachel and her colleagues!

In fact, Rachel is harassing me, and I know she does this to lots of older seniors who don’t know a lot about technology. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). When this happens, you should, too.

Watch this video that describes how to file a complaint, and it is well worth watching, especially with senior parents or other aging family members and friends.

You can read more about scams on two other posts on this blog.

One thought on “Scams and Seniors: Redux

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