Read More on Green House® Homes

I’ve just read the post, Two New Green House Stories, over at Allen Power’s blog. His post tells a story that illustrates how Green House® “at home” expectations and environment make an enormous qualitative difference for an aging senior. And be sure to read far enough along to get to the mattress anecdote — it ‘s a hoot.

Power’s blog is a part of the Changing Aging blogstream. Learn more about Green House® homes here.

I’m pretty excited about what’s about to happen at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC), where my parents currently live in a cottage. On January 5, 2011, two months plus a few days away, VMRC will break ground for Woodland Parkthe site for its new Green House® homes. I’ll be attending the groundbreaking ceremony.

Right now the construction site  is a large meadow, and what is most noticeable are the large number of trees still standing after demolition. I plan to post lots of pictures as the Woodland Park construction proceeds.

Here’s the floor plan. Click on the image to make it larger.

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